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1. What products does InstaProtection offer?

InstaProtection offers Protection Care Plans in 4 categories: Lifestyle, Household, Automotive, and Personal.Currently, InstaProtection has launched 3 plans in the lifestyle category:

  • 1) 1 x Time Mobile Phone Screen Crack Protection for 12 months coverage.
  • 2) 1 x Time Mobile Phone Screen Crack and/or Liquid Damage Protection for 12 months coverage.
  • 3) 1 x Time Mobile Phone Screen Crack and/or Liquid Damge and/or Theft Protection for 12 months coverage.

These insurance policies are underwritten by Etiqa.

More Protection Care Plans are coming to you soon! Click here to learn more.

2. How much are InstaProtection’s premiums?

At InstaProtection, our insurance premiums are a one-time payment, starting as low as S$34.90.

InstaProtection offers you the flexibility to adjust your premiums depending on the level of protection you need.

3. How do InstaProtection’s plans work?

InstaProtection’s Care Plans have a 12-months coverage period, requiring only a one-time payment which then allows you to make one claim for your insured product.

4. What mobile phone brands does InstaProtection cover?

InstaProtection protects: Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, XiaoMi, and RealMe.You can purchase InstaProtection’s Care Plans anytime within your phone’s 1st year of warranty.

5. Are the prices listed on InstaProtection’s products for 1 year of coverage?

Yes, the prices listed are for 1 year of coverage.Majority of InstaProtection’s Care Plans do not require an excess fee when you submit a claim to us. Products that require an excess fee will be clearly stated.

6. What Is Zero Excess?

An Excess or Deductible is the amount you are required to pay when you make a claim. At InstaProtection, majority of our plans have Zero Excess, which means that you do not have to pay additional fees when you make a claim.

7. Does InstaProtection underwrite the insurance plans?

No, InstaProtection does not underwrite our plans. We work with A-rated insurers who underwrite all our plans.

8. Which insurance companies does InstaProtection work with?

InstaProtection teams up with various A-rated insurers to change insurance for the better.Click here to learn more.

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